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Take Off Under God’s Wings!

During one of my travels, as I was getting off the flight. I had an opportunity to see a plane take off in my sight as it was sunset time. At some take-off point, I saw how the plane flew above the sun. For a moment, my heart was captivated by that sight. I looked in awe at how man overcame natu…

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Seeing From Above!!

As I looked down from the plane, everything that was big appeared so small from a higher view.

As I was looking down at the city view from a higher plane. Just then Holy Spirit started to speak to my heart.

Every argument, every seemingly big fight, and every difficult situation will look insi…

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Happy Resurrection Sunday, 2023!!

I was visiting one of my sisters. After more than 24 hours of coming back home, I suddenly realize my pen drive is missing.

I searched every item, purse, and stuff that I had taken that day with me while visiting my sister. I also searched the home.

The final resort, I thought I will go ba…

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Lessons 2022 Taught Me!!

There are two types of suffering :

1 Peter 2:20

 After all, what kind of credit is there if, when you do wrong and are punished for it, you endure it patiently? But if when you do what is right and patiently bear [undeserved] suffering, this finds favor with God.

Sufferings that are …

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December 8, 2022 - Birthday Reflections and Promise!!

As I was meditating on what I should reflect on my Birthday, I was led to this chapter and verse in the Bible:

Psalms 41:2
The Lord will preserve and protect them.
They’ll be honoured and esteemed.

Note: In other Bible translations of the same verse, Psalms 41:2 says -

The Lord will…

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A Divine Pause | A Call to Prayer

This season I am becoming aware of the spirit urging me to pray in the middle of nowhere. I would be busy doing something and I notice that I have divine pauses to turn my heart to pray suddenly. I have observed sometimes that I am praying in spirit under my breath. I realize I am under a season…

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Divine Deposits!!

As this year, I have been travelling a lot. I realised Ram’s car is better mileage wise for long distance out of station trip. I usually don’t touch Ram’s car as I am just used to driving my own car around.

So this one particular time as I was coming back from Kurnool. I decide I will just …

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Divine Intervention!!

I have been preparing a day earlier to leave for Bangalore. Bangalore train was scheduled for 21:05 (9:05 pm). I was all set. Almost done except for some last minute few small stuff to tuck it in, as few of my stuff needed to be dried.

My train for Bangalore as per the schedule is at 9:05 pm …

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Mother's Day Reflections - May 8, 2022!!

This Mother’s Day, I am going through memories of trauma surrounding my mom’s death. I am so Thankful and grateful to God for divine interventions and for God’s beloved souls who were constantly by our side, supporting us in every way through unconditional love and prayers.

I am personally …

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Encounter With Fear!!

After a long time I rode a bike. As I was riding I remembered how couple of years ago when we first bought the bike and I began riding it,  I was always  fearful of heavy duty vehicles coming closer to me or by chance they were approaching near my vehicle.

My heart used to beat fast due to fear o…

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Holy Spirit Birthing Place!!

I had a request for calendars around this place.

As soon as I passed through this place, I wanted to take a moment to breathe in the place that I had an inspiration from Holy Spirit for doing Telugu calendars.

Just wanted to soak in the place where the Telugu Prophetic Calendars was birthed in m…

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Dec 8th 2021 - My Birthday Reflections!!

This year 2021 my birthday week starting from first week of December right up to my birthday on December 8th, I was going through lots of emotions and memories and just remembering God’s goodness, his faithfulness, his steadfast love, relentless love, never ending grace and much more as I rememb…

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Prophetic Calendar 2022!!

Working on Prophetic Calendar 2022!!

Around 3-4 months ago roughly Holy Spirit spoke to my heart a very specific “word” for 365 days of 2022!!

Life happens and I had other things to focus on. Again while speaking to a very dear soul recently, I was constantly hitting back and forth one particu…

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Architect Of Our Blueprint!!

I was invited to speak on “Healing” at Charis Bible College online telecast, a wing of Andrew Wommack Ministries, India.

I usually don’t take that route as I live in the different part of the city. As I was traveling and looking at the road, I was hit with flood of memories.

When I had f…

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Sacrifice Is Never A Compromise!

Ram felt it’s time to move from a programmatic based prophetic tool to an automated tool where we can publish prophetic declarations easily from even a mobile or an iPad. We are migrating the existing tool and developing an application for it.

Since I am used to the earlier tool and I have desi…

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Holy Spirit Voice!!

I was intrigued when Ram casually remarked - failure is - “when you have everything, and you lose,” and he went on saying - “when you have nothing, there is nothing to lose.”

As I was pondering on that statement, Holy Spirit led me to this verse. 

A little background into this verse -…

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Seed | Growth Potential

When Joseph had dream it was seeds of greatness hidden potential, destiny encapsulated in a dream
(Genesis 37)

When he was hated, betrayed by his brothers, thrown in a pit, sold as a slave to Egyptians.

Then in Egypt, Joseph was accused, thrown into pit/prison, forgotten (Genesis 39, 40) …

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Moments With Jesus In The Gym Room!

I look at our Gym Room and hear this words in my heart/spirit – “It doesn’t matter how many resources we have. If we don’t know how to use them, it will never be enough.

I again got caught with Jesus over this statement.

I can either feel helpless over the extra weight that my body cur…

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Holy Spirit Moments From Paan

It never ceases to amaze me. Holy Spirit is always gently whispering and teaching. Had one such Holy Spirit moments!

I had few emotionally intense calls.

Told Ram I needed to head out. On my way back I realized Ram loved Paan. So I picked up Paan.

As I was eating Paan, I realized there is an aspe…

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Tangible Grace To Ignore or Embrace!

It took me a while to be able to see God’s miraculous hands in the recent events.

Now looking back I see how God preserved, redeemed and saved us.

May 30th 2021 was our 16th wedding Anniversary. It dawned on me that I wouldn’t have been able to see the day but for God’s grace in my life.

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