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Divine Intervention!!

I have been preparing a day earlier to leave for Bangalore. Bangalore train was scheduled for 21:05 (9:05 pm). I was all set. Almost done except for some last minute few small stuff to tuck it in, as few of my stuff needed to be dried.

My train for Bangalore as per the schedule is at 9:05 pm (night). My previous experience with this particular train was it hadn't arrived at the platform post 10 in the night and didn't leave the platform before 11 pm. I had arrived 2 hours prior to the departure schedule and was waiting for another 2-3 hours before it actually started.

Nevertheless, I was all set and done and ready to leave. So I started booking for Uber since 6:30~6:45ish around that time in the evening for 9 pm train.

To my utter shock all the rides were getting canceled especially when I have been waiting. So in Uber App, once it’s booked there is waiting time that shows estimated time for driver to arrive. By the time it’s nearing to 3 minutes to driver's arrival, my ride is getting canceled.

In this way ample drivers were cancelling my ride since one hour and beyond. I tried all options in the App including the Auto.

Generally I don’t like to involve Ram as Ram is busy with his office and meetings and so forth.

By this time I am already down in the parking lot with my bags since one hour waiting for confirmation of my ride and driver to come.

Ram out of nowhere calls me. I had left the house switching all lights off and making sure Ram is having night atmosphere to sleep until the time he has to wake up for meeting.

So when he woke up, he saw House was dark and lights were off to let him sleep some more time.

But he had a dream, where he sensed I am getting late and waiting and waiting and even auto’s weren’t turning up.

So he called me, I told him I was still in parking lot not getting any car or auto booked via Uber.

Ram was like - Dream woke me up that you are getting late and he came down and personally drove me to the railways station.

Note: Ram rarely rarely drives actually never drives this was one of those rarest moments where he drove for me.

To my surprise this time train was in time and already ready in platform to leave . We were so neck on neck with train timings that I couldn’t capture the precious moment where Ram came to send me off ..

Today but for Ram’s dream about me getting late I wouldn’t have arrived to the railway station and boarded the train just in time ..

Personally I felt - it was divine intervention as I am always very intentional about not disturbing Ram and wanting to do stuff by myself.

Today I got to witness the power of miraculous intervention.

God can make someone dream of helping you!!

Dream can be divine intervention!!

Sometimes supernatural is so subtle that we mistake it for an ordinary dream.

God unlocks supernatural power through something as ordinary as dream.

There are so many magnificent ways that supernatural can be manifested yet time and again God reminds me to be mindful of everyday ordinary moments that has extraordinary display of God's love for us!!

Humbled once again by divine intervention on my way to Railway Station.

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