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Today is July 2nd 2019, Tuesday. Exactly on July 5th 2015, Sunday I had an ENCOUNTER WITH GOD! In that Encounter I saw myself speaking in front of a camera. It amused me because I am such a people person. I would have loved it if it was people, I would have known their responses and it would have been satisfying.

But this non-living camera can't reciprocate back to me. What am I doing speaking to the camera. These were the thoughts running behind me as I was in vision.

All of a sudden during my conflicting thoughts I saw Father, Son, Holy Spirit so so so so so in love, smiling towards me as I was speaking into the camera. I can't describe it fully or do justice to that sight of them. All I knew during that glimpse of them was - They were so overjoyed to hear me, to express my love for them.

It was as if a voice said to me - "Who told you, you are speaking into a non-living camera?. We are here enjoying your expression of love towards us. We too want to hear your expressions of love for us. We are your audience."

It dawned on me that it's true I know my Husband Ram loves me. But I still would be thrilled, overjoyed to hear him express his love for me.

Tears were rolling down my eyes. I had a moment of submission, surrender and repentance and I said to God - " Never again will I consider this camera as a non-living thing. It doesn't matter if I have the audience or not, You are hearing me, watching me. Today you have showed me you are involved in this and are looking forward to hearing me. That's all I need in this life. Just "us" having an awesome time."

After that moment was over, I heard a voice that said - " Food For Life" keep "Food For Life" for your channel.

As I was pondering on this name. God reminded me of this verse from Bible

Jeremiah 15:16
Your WORDS were found, and I ATE them,
and your WORDS became to me a JOY
and the DELIGHT of my HEART,
for I am called by your name,
O Lord, God of hosts.

I heard a whisper within my spirit that said - " Mahima your words will be like FOOD, they will bring Joy and Delight and It will be FOOD For Life unto all who hear them." 


Today, here I am in awe of what the Lord is doing with that vision. One step at a time. Step by step, He takes us from faith to faith and glory to glory! 

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