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Take Off Under God’s Wings!

During one of my travels, as I was getting off the flight. I had an opportunity to see a plane take off in my sight as it was sunset time. At some take-off point, I saw how the plane flew above the sun. For a moment, my heart was captivated by that sight. I looked in awe at how man overcame natu…

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Mother's Day Reflections - May 8, 2022!!

This Mother’s Day, I am going through memories of trauma surrounding my mom’s death. I am so Thankful and grateful to God for divine interventions and for God’s beloved souls who were constantly by our side, supporting us in every way through unconditional love and prayers.

I am personally …

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The Story Behind Food For Life Ministry Logo

For quite some time Ram was insisting that I build a logo for Food for Life Ministries. I was not sure if I could create a logo as I wasn’t confident about the software to use to create one.

Ram comes from a place that when we are growing as a ministry we should wear multiple hats and not pay f…

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The Birthing Place of Ministry!

Parenting/Ministry is birthed out of love and abundance of joy. We get a call, vision out of intimate moments with God. Call/vision/ministry is God's baby that is gifted to us. That baby needs God's love, affection and care to grow and thrive.

Philippians 1:8
For God is my witness, how I long fo…

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His Love Pursues Us!

Two incidents happened in a row.

One was, while on my way to Bangalore for a conference. I lost my phone. I thought I had put my phone in my bag before getting down the train. I realised I hadn't when it was time to book Uber cab. To my utter dismay I found out that I had left the phone with the …

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Manifestation of Sons of God!


This pic serves as a reminder that we humans are born with a capacity to feel love and love is a spirit that holds our existence, can even say births our existence.  

Ephesians 1:4-6 The Message (MSG)

The God of Glory

3-6 How blessed is God! And what a blessing he is! He’s the …

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God > Our Pit

The God of Heaven and Earth 

The One who rules and reigns  

And Has everything in control 

Yet doesn't control Human Hearts 

How Powerful 


How Pitiful  


We can control Him from operating in His fullness in our lives! 

Matthew 13:58 
And He DID NOT DO many miracles there…

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His Greatness > Our Weakness

God is faithful. Great is His faithfulness. Would like to boast in God's overflowing goodness in my life. God is amazing in giving opportunities. I get an open door to preach in Gospel Tv and it's a Telugu channel. This was my first first time appearance in a Tv program and that too in Telugu. I hav…

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Opposite of Love is ?

We all think the opposite of Love is Hate.

Love X Hate   (That's not what it is) 

But I would like to show the opposite of Love according to the Word of God.

1 John 3:14 

 We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love his brother abides…

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