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April 25th 2021 - Happy Birthday Ram

April 25th 2021 - Ram’s Birthday, This birthday of the all the birthdays was quite emotionally challenging for us as a couple. Ram’s day was filled with pain and grief remembering his mom as last year this day was the last she spoke after wishing him for his birthday, as the cancer had reached the b…

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Pic credit - ©Shaherald Chia/Flickr, Creative Commons

I was in a conversation with my sister-in-law. The conversation was quite intense due to the season we are in. There is a lot of emotional upheaval that we are going through as a family from time to time especially this season. 

As we wer…

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Raphael aka Raphy's Healing Journey!


This may not be much to some but nevertheless, since our God is a loving God, what matters to us matters to Him too. Suddenly I witnessed Raphy become so dull. He wasn't eating or drinking water and that raised concerns in us. As I was trying to connect to his doctor, halfway through I remembe…

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Healing Diary!

Years ago, This boy had minus 6 eye sight. All he wanted in his life was to see the world without the aid of glasses. He asked a nameless God - if you are there above heal me of these eye problems, I want to see the world and you without the aid of prescription glasses.

This prayers to a namele…

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