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Encounter With Fear!!

After a long time I rode a bike. As I was riding I remembered how couple of years ago when we first bought the bike and I began riding it,  I was always  fearful of heavy duty vehicles coming closer to me or by chance they were approaching near my vehicle.

My heart used to beat fast due to fear of being overridden by those huge heavy vehicles and me losing my balance and falling under those vehicle’s wheels.

To add to my fears the mirror on the bike said – “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. Most of the early beginnings I remember riding my bike with fear and over time I was able to overcome that fear.

Suddenly while riding the bike I had a glimpse of my past experience and I chuckled over those fears.

Just then I had a moment with the Holy Spirit whispering, even today’s fears will be a chuckle in future.

Except for the reverential fear of the Lord that leads to wisdom and life mostly all other (good) fears are just passing cloud that challenges us to take action towards our growth and benefit.

Note: I am not talking about being fearless or overcoming fear towards doing evil, committing crimes and other stuff. It helps to be aware that there are consequences for our choices in life. We keep a clear conscience in sight of men so our lives reflect the Light of Christ.(1 Peter 3:16)

It was quite a moment with Holy Spirit about chuckling over fear!!

What are some of the fears from the past, that when you look back you can only laugh about it!!

What are some of the current foreboding fears that hampers you or sabotages you!!

God is saying – This too shall pass and you shall laugh about it in the near future…

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