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Holy Spirit Birthing Place!!

I had a request for calendars around this place.

As soon as I passed through this place, I wanted to take a moment to breathe in the place that I had an inspiration from Holy Spirit for doing Telugu calendars.

Just wanted to soak in the place where the Telugu Prophetic Calendars was birthed in my heart!!!

So in faith, I waited outside the car hoping to find soul who would ask for Prophetic Telugu Calendar.

It was a very silent prayer inside my heart. I saw a lady approaching me for Telugu calendars that was in my hand.

I tried to hold my tears and started distributing Prophetic calendars praying the prophetic image and the verses bring divine hope into their hearts as this prophetic calendar will sit through the 365 days, whole year in their home.

I felt prophetic about the fact that Jesus came into this world to dwell in our home(heart) and to abide with us.

These prophetic calendars will be in homes of people reflecting God’s love through the verses and the prophetic images bringing love, hope and peace to troubled weary souls.

Thank you Jesus you are faithful!!

Isaiah 66:9
Yahweh, your God, says,
“Do I allow you to conceive and not to give birth?
Do I shut the womb when I’m the one who delivers?”

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