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Seeing From Above!!

As I looked down from the plane, everything that was big appeared so small from a higher view.

As I was looking down at the city view from a higher plane. Just then Holy Spirit started to speak to my heart.

Every argument, every seemingly big fight, and every difficult situation will look insi…

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Happy Resurrection Sunday, 2023!!

I was visiting one of my sisters. After more than 24 hours of coming back home, I suddenly realize my pen drive is missing.

I searched every item, purse, and stuff that I had taken that day with me while visiting my sister. I also searched the home.

The final resort, I thought I will go ba…

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Prophetic Decree - The Word of God

What is a Decree?

According to several dictionaries, the most acknowledged meanings of the word Decree are :

In presidential decree : A formal and authoritative order, especially one having the force of law: .
In Law : a judicial decision or order.

An official decision or order made by a leade…

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Pic Credit: Digital Transformation

At first when my Hubby Ram said to me - “It’s better to have one room specially only for your media, that way you aren’t always setting up, dismantling and taking up so much time and energy for setting up the equipments before shooting. It’s ready and in place and…

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Encountering God | Facing Unfairness

Especially this season of our lives, there is lot of emotional upheaval. Each day brings its own challenges.

Initially I wanted to find rhythm and synchrony in the chaos. But I have realised it’s much more peaceful to let it be and go with the flow. As not everything is under my control and a lo…

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Colossians 2:15

His victory is my victory, for I was identified with Him. He conquered principalities and powers for me. He triumphed over them for me. His triumph was my triumph. I share in His victory. Satan is a defeated foe as far as I am concerned. Christ’s conquest was my conquest. Satan’s…

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Impregnated with Vision

Pic Credit: Linkedin

The one who impregnated you is well able to deliver the baby! 






Isaiah 66:9 

New International Version

Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?" says the LORD. "Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?"…

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God's Stamp of Authority!

Since I have been dealing officially regarding Food For Life Ministries for couple of days now. I have noticed how stamps, official documents have a say in getting things done. 

Every place I went I was asked for letterhead, stamp with authorized signatures, registration number etc etc. One appr…

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